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PicForth is a really nifty little Forth implementation for the 16F87x and 16F88 processors, written by Samuel Tardieu. I had a Microchip PICDem.Net board that I borrowed from a friend.

I wrote a handful of little demo programs for PicForth, located in the Subversion repository, linked to below.

These demonstrate using the various peripherals and PicForth features, such as the

  • ADC
  • I2C
  • LCD
  • Serial ports
  • Forth tasking

Subversion Repository (username 'guest', password is empty)

Note: While PICForth is still available, it hasn't been updated since 2004. Unless you're already locked into a 16F87X or 16F88 processor, you may want to consider rforth, by the same author. Features of rforth include:

  • Native compilation (no virtual machine)
  • 16 bits cells
  • Optimized generated code
  • */ scaling operator with 32 bits intermediate result
  • Postfix and prefix integrated assembler
  • Written in Python (is that really a feature?)

You may also with to consider PIC18Forth, by David McNab