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unsigned short crc_table [] = 
  0x0000,  0x1021,  0x2042,  0x3063,  0x4084,  0x50a5,  0x60c6,  0x70e7,  // 0x00
  0x8108,  0x9129,  0xa14a,  0xb16b,  0xc18c,  0xd1ad,  0xe1ce,  0xf1ef,  // 0x08  
  0x1231,  0x0210,  0x3273,  0x2252,  0x52b5,  0x4294,  0x72f7,  0x62d6,  // 0x10
  0x9339,  0x8318,  0xb37b,  0xa35a,  0xd3bd,  0xc39c,  0xf3ff,  0xe3de,  // 0x18
  0x2462,  0x3443,  0x0420,  0x1401,  0x64e6,  0x74c7,  0x44a4,  0x5485,  // 0x20
  0xa56a,  0xb54b,  0x8528,  0x9509,  0xe5ee,  0xf5cf,  0xc5ac,  0xd58d,  // 0x28
  0x3653,  0x2672,  0x1611,  0x0630,  0x76d7,  0x66f6,  0x5695,  0x46b4,  // 0x30
  0xb75b,  0xa77a,  0x9719,  0x8738,  0xf7df,  0xe7fe,  0xd79d,  0xc7bc,  // 0x38
  0x48c4,  0x58e5,  0x6886,  0x78a7,  0x0840,  0x1861,  0x2802,  0x3823,  // 0x40
  0xc9cc,  0xd9ed,  0xe98e,  0xf9af,  0x8948,  0x9969,  0xa90a,  0xb92b,  // 0x48
  0x5af5,  0x4ad4,  0x7ab7,  0x6a96,  0x1a71,  0x0a50,  0x3a33,  0x2a12,  // 0x50
  0xdbfd,  0xcbdc,  0xfbbf,  0xeb9e,  0x9b79,  0x8b58,  0xbb3b,  0xab1a,  // 0x58
  0x6ca6,  0x7c87,  0x4ce4,  0x5cc5,  0x2c22,  0x3c03,  0x0c60,  0x1c41,  // 0x60
  0xedae,  0xfd8f,  0xcdec,  0xddcd,  0xad2a,  0xbd0b,  0x8d68,  0x9d49,  // 0x68
  0x7e97,  0x6eb6,  0x5ed5,  0x4ef4,  0x3e13,  0x2e32,  0x1e51,  0x0e70,  // 0x70
  0xff9f,  0xefbe,  0xdfdd,  0xcffc,  0xbf1b,  0xaf3a,  0x9f59,  0x8f78,  // 0x78
  0x9188,  0x81a9,  0xb1ca,  0xa1eb,  0xd10c,  0xc12d,  0xf14e,  0xe16f,  // 0x80
  0x1080,  0x00a1,  0x30c2,  0x20e3,  0x5004,  0x4025,  0x7046,  0x6067,  // 0x88
  0x83b9,  0x9398,  0xa3fb,  0xb3da,  0xc33d,  0xd31c,  0xe37f,  0xf35e,  // 0x90
  0x02b1,  0x1290,  0x22f3,  0x32d2,  0x4235,  0x5214,  0x6277,  0x7256,  // 0x98
  0xb5ea,  0xa5cb,  0x95a8,  0x8589,  0xf56e,  0xe54f,  0xd52c,  0xc50d,  // 0xA0
  0x34e2,  0x24c3,  0x14a0,  0x0481,  0x7466,  0x6447,  0x5424,  0x4405,  // 0xA8
  0xa7db,  0xb7fa,  0x8799,  0x97b8,  0xe75f,  0xf77e,  0xc71d,  0xd73c,  // 0xB0
  0x26d3,  0x36f2,  0x0691,  0x16b0,  0x6657,  0x7676,  0x4615,  0x5634,  // 0xB8
  0xd94c,  0xc96d,  0xf90e,  0xe92f,  0x99c8,  0x89e9,  0xb98a,  0xa9ab,  // 0xC0
  0x5844,  0x4865,  0x7806,  0x6827,  0x18c0,  0x08e1,  0x3882,  0x28a3,  // 0xC8
  0xcb7d,  0xdb5c,  0xeb3f,  0xfb1e,  0x8bf9,  0x9bd8,  0xabbb,  0xbb9a,  // 0xD0
  0x4a75,  0x5a54,  0x6a37,  0x7a16,  0x0af1,  0x1ad0,  0x2ab3,  0x3a92,  // 0xD8
  0xfd2e,  0xed0f,  0xdd6c,  0xcd4d,  0xbdaa,  0xad8b,  0x9de8,  0x8dc9,  // 0xE0
  0x7c26,  0x6c07,  0x5c64,  0x4c45,  0x3ca2,  0x2c83,  0x1ce0,  0x0cc1,  // 0xE8
  0xef1f,  0xff3e,  0xcf5d,  0xdf7c,  0xaf9b,  0xbfba,  0x8fd9,  0x9ff8,  // 0xF0
  0x6e17,  0x7e36,  0x4e55,  0x5e74,  0x2e93,  0x3eb2,  0x0ed1,  0x1ef0,  // 0xF8